Third Transaction - Transport to final destination. (Optional)

Once the product is in the storage, a separate transport company will be contracted to provide transport services from storage to the final client destination. This arrangement is separate from the first two and has its own financial costs that the client must pay. The payment rates will differ according to final destination. Transport payments are by electronic transfer. Transport is 50% loading and 50% offloading. If the client can arrange their own transport from storage to final destination, it is their choice to do so. To achieve the above product prices the client must order a minimum of 25 000MT of diesel or petrol. The product price may change as per refinery discretion. Clients must note that this transaction is not an overnight transaction and cannot be used on urgent basis because all procedures must be followed and may take some time to complete. The average time to conclude a Storage Lease transaction is 14 days depending on the client’s financial instrument. The average time to conclude a vessel Order is 37 days depending on the client’s financial instrument. The above 3 separate transactions have been made to create a single package for clients who want product from the refinery to their door step.

Current Vessel order to final destinations Package Prices are: Diesel 

DRC – Price on Request
Zambia – Price on Request
Zimbabwe – Price on Request

NB. Prices does not include duties into the respective countries.

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